かつて『ライトハウス英和辞典』(第2版)「日英比較」として、日本では結婚式終了後も新郎、新婦と言うが、英語では式が終わればhusbandとwifeでbridegroom, brideとは言わない」という注記が入っていました。編集主幹の故・東 信行(ひがしのぶゆき)先生から、his bride of one year (=whom he married one year ago)という用例がLDOCE2  に挙がっており、実例もあるので、実際には言えるのではないか、確認するように、との指示が回ってきました。早速アルジオ博士(ジョージア大学名誉教授)に問い合わせました。

   Bride and bridegroom mean primarily “a woman/man about to be married or in the process of being married or just married”(as at the wedding reception following the marriage ceremony). In addition, however, bride may be used in a semijocular or affectionate sense of a woman for some whole afterwards, the implication being that her husband still looks upon her with the same romantic attachment he did when they were married. It is not a frequent use, but it is possible. It is more likely shortly after the wedding, as in your example (“his bride of one year”) but is also possible after greater time lapse as when a husband married forty years earlier refers to his wife as his “bride.” A similar use of bridegroom after the wedding ceremony and reception is not possible, or is extremely rare.


   It’s wrong―at least for bride. It makes more sense for (bride)groom. You can call your wife your bride as long as you want the world to know that you are newlyweds or recently married.


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